Robert Jew

Growing up in Fallbrook, California as a child was a great experience for Robert Jew. He looked upon the miles of undeveloped rolling hills as a giant natural playground. “I think the love of nature and organic shapes is quite obvious in my work. I’m sure it is a direct influence of my childhood. I find nature to e the perfect designer and such a great metaphor of the human condition.”


If you ask Robert Jew about a childhood memory that greatly changed his life, he will recall an event with quiet voice and distant gaze. “When I was young, I was approached by a wise old man who pointed towards a mountain on the horizon and told me, ‘Go to that out my child, for a great gift awaits you there. When you reach the mountaintop, the Meaning of Life will e bestowed upon you'”.


Stunned and excited, Robert walked intently towards the mountain for hours. As the fourth hour came near, Robert heard the sound of an approaching automobile. As the car came closer, he could ear the sounds of people yelling at him. To his surprise, they were friends. “Hey, we’ve been looking all over for you! We have an extra ticket to the Van Halen concert, wanna go?”


Needless to say, Robert saw Van Helen that year. . . he has not seen the wise old man since.